Reading Meme Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen – Favorite childhood book

I think I covered my childhood favorite pretty well on day four of the meme, so here I’ll mention my favorite childhood chapter book. Surprising no one at this point, that is Anne of Green Gables. I adore that story to bits. Now if I could just figure out what happened to the box set of the series. 😦

A runner up for favorite childhood chapter book is one I haven’t mentioned here before. Unlike Anne, it didn’t stick with me much past grade school, but I adored it when I was younger, reading it repeatedly. The Prince of Whales, by R.L. Fisher, is the story of Toby, a young whale who is a dream singer. The blurb from the back of the book: Young Toby’s uncontrollable dream music filled the Arctic night sea with sound that brought great danger to all the whales in Toby’s pod. His powerful and thundering music was sure to attract the human hunters with their killing ships and hideous exploding harpoons. For the safety of the pod, Toby had to be banished, exiled to certain, lonely death–unless he could silence his song.
But then a strange, ghostly spirit appeared, setting Toby on a quest that led from the depths of the haunted oceans to the mystery of an enslaved, sunken city. A quest in search of his true voice. Somewhere in Toby’s song was a secret that reached from the seas to the stars. And only Toby’s music could unite all the beings of the land and the water, to save Earth from a dark, evil creature who hated whales, hated humans, hated Nature and, most of all, hated– Dreams.

As I recall, it’s heavy handed on the environmental message, and I’m a little scared to read it now in case it doesn’t live up to my childhood fondness. I did love it back then, though. My copy is dog-eared and frayed around the edges from all the use it got.


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  1. Redhead says:

    I’m going way back for this one:

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

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