Reading Meme – Day Twenty

Day Twenty – Favorite kiss or love scene

My newish fondness for paranormal romances aside, I don’t usually pay all that much attention to, or even look for, romance and such in the novels I read. If it’s there and serves the purpose of the story, great, but by and large, I don’t really care.

This makes it difficult to pick a favorite smooching scene.

Which means I was very tempted to pick the Westley and Buttercup kissing at the end of the story scene from The Princess Bride. It seemed like a cop-out, though. Especially considering that I’m more familiar with the movie than I am the book it’s based on.

Seeing as I don’t care enough to have a favorite, I’ll lay out a few that I was fond of, or that I appreciated while reading.

The Color PurpleI can’t pin it on a particular moment, but after a time of being friends with Shug, after becoming her lover, Celie comes to realize that she’s a person of worth, that she’s somebody. After a lifetime of being brutally told verbally and physically, over and over, that she’s no one, it’s a powerful, moving growth for her character. So…that entire rich, complicated, and fortifying relationship between Shug and Celie in The Color Purple.

Anne having her realization that she really does love Gilbert, after she finds out he’s sickAnne of the Island and quiet possibly dying. Gil isn’t in the scene at all, but it’s a moment of truth for Anne, and it’s all about love, so I’m counting it. For me it means more than when the two character finally do kiss, and clear the air.  Also, I cry every.damn.time. I read this section, chapter forty, of Anne of the Island.  I very nearly had it memorized at one time in my adolescent years.

Acheron and Tory falling into bed together for the first time in Kenyon’s Acheron. Okay, not falling into bed, really, but Acheron finally taking a woman into his bed as an equal. Not under duress, or slavery, or obligation, but out of love. It’s a moment that’s eleven thousand years in the making, and quite poignant.


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