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New-to-me posts on the art and craft of writing, November and December
Since I skipped this round-up of other people’s posts for most of this fall, this December edition will be extra special. Quotes from the articles/posts. Maybe even a longer list than usual. It’s my way of saying “sorry I was such a slacker.”

Hiromi Goto talks about Bad Voice.  “Bad Voice likes to stand a couple of feet behind you, peering over your shoulder, telling you you’re doing it wrong.”

Over at Maybe Genius, It’s a TRAP: Your Protagonist Knows Everything Ever. “Smart protagonists are awesome. I write smart protagonists. But no one knows everything, and when we write main characters that have nothing new to learn, it comes across as irritatingly false.”

edittorrent discusses character movtivation and action. “Let’s say your main character has some traits or is going to commit some actions that are likely to come across as unsympathetic to the reader.”

Discovering Characters or Cutting out Pictures 101 from Supernatural Underground. “One of the best ways I’ve found to discover my characters is to flip through magazines and employ a skill I mastered in kindergarten–the art of cutting out pictures.”

Nicola Morgan at Help! I Need a Publisher! Talks about finding your voice.  Two people recently asked me similar questions about voice. One was, “How do you recognize your ‘voice’? How do you know when you’ve found it?”

Jim C. Hines talks about changes in publishing.  “One of the frustrating things about being a new writer is that you get different advice depending on who you ask.”

Revisions are revisited over on Magical Words.  “There is no such thing as a perfect novel, and certainly no such thing as a perfect first draft.”

Hiromi Goto talks to Omnivoracious about approaching the fantastic like a realist.  “If only I could magick my character out of this trap!”

Karen Lord and Fictional Geography over at Small Beer Press’ Not a Journal.  “Of course, the problem with worldbuilding is that too rich and detailed can be just too much, and yet the components of the made-world must be as multifaceted as the real world to be as convincing.”

Writer Beware Blog: More Contest Alerts: Brit Writer’s Awards, Amazon Studios

Over at Writtenwyrdd, Future tech in the now. “There’s an amazing array of equipment out there about which most of us are unaware; and a lot of it can make for cool plot bunnies in near world stories, at least.”

N.K. Jemisin on Women, Warriors, and Gender Policing. “I’m seeing a lot of gender policing in fantasy these days, BTW, and not just in relation to my own work.”

Over at The Alchemy of Writing: Is Your Work in Progress a Mystery? (And I don’t mean a whodunnit). “It’s interesting to think about, as it involves trying to look at yourself through the eyes of someone else, wondering how you present yourself to the world.”


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