Reading Meme – Day Twenty-eight

Day Twenty-eight: First book obsession

The Babysitter’s Club. I was seriously obsessed with this series long after I moved past it in reading level.

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Dork extraordinaire, that's me! An unhealthy knowledge of Star Trek, a love of books, a fondness for purring cats.
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4 Responses to Reading Meme – Day Twenty-eight

  1. deannalynnc says:

    I can see my next blast from the past post coming on! I completely forgot about these books…oh my gosh! I remember my first book obsession was Berenstain Bares followed by The Saddle Club!!! Oh man, I have my next three weeks figured out…actually 4…Goosebumps.

    As for Karen Marie Monings series…I really didn’t think I was going to like it after the first one but now I can’t put them down! You should check them out if you get the chance. 🙂

    • Jessica says:

      Oh, I loved the Berenstein Bears. My elementary school participated in the Book It program, and I won more than a few pizzas from Pizza Hut with those Bears and their books. 🙂

      I never read the Saddle Club or the Goosebumps series. I think my series obsessions were Babysitter’s Club, Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys (especially the crossovers between the those two series!), and the Boxcar Kids.

  2. Jen D. says:

    I loved me some Nancy Drew! I think it’s the reason for my private investigator tendencies.

    And I agree with Deanna. You should check out the Fever series. =)

  3. Joanna says:

    You know, I can’t tell you my first real obsession. I remember looking for every Sweet Valley High books I could find, and I remember getting excited over the Douglas Adams books when I was 13. By then I’d already made it through the babysitter’s club, and Nancy drew, but I don’t remember being obsessed with them. I do remember going nuts over WoT in college…

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