Reading Meme – Day Thirty

Day Thirty – Saddest character death


Where the Red Fern Grows 1974 editionOld Dan and Little Ann in Where the Red Fern Grows. My old paperback was warped from all the tears I shed over those two dogs as a kid. I think the first time I read the novel, I finished it on the couch in my grandmother’s living room; I have a pretty clear memory of being eight or so and just bawling with the book in my hands.

Those dogs made a little place in my heart. I still miss them. Heck, I’m getting teary-eyed just typing this up.


About Jessica

Dork extraordinaire, that's me! An unhealthy knowledge of Star Trek, a love of books, a fondness for purring cats.
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4 Responses to Reading Meme – Day Thirty

  1. ~ap~ says:

    I remember reading this book for the first time during the summer before my 6th grade year, IIRC. I would have been 10, I think, And yeah, I bawled my head off, too. *nod*



  2. Jen D. says:

    You might as well have dropped kicked me in the heart. *sniffles*

  3. deannalynnc says:

    The saddest character death for me right now would be Rodney’s from Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress Series. He was killed in Destined for an Early Grave the 4th book in the series. 😦 I might have cried a little when that happened.

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