2011 Challenges

I didn’t get started on book blogging until last spring, so last year was about figuring out my focus, learning how to plan ahead, keep a schedule, writing interesting posts, and so on, so I shied away from the reading challenges I came across in the blogosphere.

This year, though, I’m entering two challenges. They both dovetail very well with reading goals I’ve privately set for myself, so I think I’ll join up and see what other people are reading as they work on these projects over the course of the year.

Off The Shelf! The first is the Off the Shelf Challenge, hosted by Bookish Ardour’s Reading Challenges. The goals is to work on that pile of books already purchased and in the house, yet unread. You know you know what I’m talking about. I have an embarrassing number of unread novels and anthologies on my shelves and in stacks, so I need to read those rather than perpetually spending money at the bookstores and making it worse. So, I’m in. I’m starting small, joining at the “trying” level – reading 15 books already on my shelves.

The other challenge I’m joining this year is the POC Reading Challenge, which is managed/hosted/staffed by Bookalicio.us, A Few More Pages, and Reading in Color.

As I mentioned in a post last year, I’ve been feeling the need to broaden my reading horizons, and this is just the reminder/encouragement I need to to stick with my private goal of adding some diversity to my genre reading. I’m signing on at their 4th level: Read 10-15 POC books. I don’t think this will be terribly difficult, as I can rattle off about six that are already sitting on my shelves at home, waiting to be read.

Hmmm. Maybe I can double-dip and use one read to meet the goals presented by both challenges.

Of course, I’ll be reading novels and short stories that don’t have anything to do with either challenge, but I think they’re both good ways for me to be mindful of my reading habits this year. Here’s to 2011: a great year for reading!


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Dork extraordinaire, that's me! An unhealthy knowledge of Star Trek, a love of books, a fondness for purring cats.
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7 Responses to 2011 Challenges

  1. Brenda says:

    I counted at the beginning of this year, and had about 250 books on my shelves that I need to read. So that’s one of my big goals this year as well. I’m hoping to clear my unread books onto just one bookcase, and make more room for my keeper books.

  2. Jessica says:

    I started counting at the start of the month, and after I got the hundredth book on my shelves that I need to read, I had a minor panic moment and backed slowly away from the wall o’books. It was helpful in my determining to limit my book-buying this year to only novels that OMG! I will want to keep forever and/or probably want to re-read later.

    It’s just silly to blow as much money at the bookstores as I did last year when I don’t read half of what I buy; I practically have my own library at the house. I should use it!

    Kudos to you for reading what you already have! I hope you’re able to make the progress you want. 🙂

  3. Ari says:

    Thank you for signing up for the poc reading challenge! We are happpy to have you and eagerly look forward to reading your reviews 🙂 Your post on poc authors & protagonists in science fiction is right on and I’m sorry I missed it when it first came out. I will definitely try to share it. I’m trying to read more sci fi/ fantasy this year in YA/MG with poc as the main characters so any recommedations you can give me would be greatly appreciated 🙂 I know of Nnedi Okroafoar, Libryinth by Pearl North, the EarthSea series by Ursula LeGuinn and Little Sister by Kara Dalkey. Oh and Bleeindg Violet by Dia Reeves is AWESOME, so bizarre but wonderfully so.

    • Jessica says:

      I’m drawing a blank on YA recs right at the moment, but I promise to pass on anything I remember or come across. You’ve given me a few I hadn’t heard of –Pearl North and Dia Reeves–so I’ll be checking on those to see what they’re about. Thanks!

  4. Jen D. says:

    I feel your pain on the overstuffed bookshelves with unread books. Mine give me nasty looks everytime I look in their direction. I’m sure you’re going to meet and surpass your goals. I look forward to seeing how you do as the months go by.

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