I’ve been wandering ’round the writing and publishing blogs again

New-to-me blog posts and articles on the art and science of writing and publishing, January 2011 edition.

Realism when writing: “One problem with writing fantasy novels in which heroes and heroines wield swords, shields and sundry other objets d’mayhem, is that most of us have no idea what using those things is actually like.”

Over at Help! I Need a Publisher! Finding your voice, part two:
“So, we’re looking at how intuitive / uncontrolled / subconscious a book’s voice is / should be.”

Edit your sh*t, part two, editing for content, over at Terrible Minds:
“Think of your novel like that pocketwatch. It contains an infinity of such fiddly bits, and were you to try to diagnose the problems with your text in one fell swoop, you’d end up like me, right now, staring into the bowels of a pocketwatch with a slack-jawed look.”

Online style guides, a resource provided by edittorrent:
“Here are some other links that might be useful if you’re investigating questions of style.”

They’re chasing fore-shadows over at the Mad Genius Club
“It’s more than merely the mention of the shotgun on the mantlepiece, the lead character saying he likes skeet-shooting, and picking up a roll of Cherry Lifesavers to find that actually they’re a shotgun cartrige.”

Clarkesworld interview: what are editors looking for?
“First and foremost, magazine fiction editors are readers who love stories so much that they’ve made a career out of reading them.”

TalkToYoUniverse: Your dialogue can do more
“When people speak, we don’t ever really say one thing at a time. Think about the conversations you participate in.”

Over at Writer Beware, some tips on evaluating literary contests.

R. Thomas Riley: Have We met Before? (Dealing with a Recrudescent Character) “If you’re serious about this writing gig and keep at it, eventually you’ll discover a character that reaches out and forges a connection with you and has more than one story to tell you.”

Maurice Broaddus: Writers Finish Things
“Put simply, some folks may simply indulge the trappings of being a writer. However, that doesn’t make them writers.”

Men With Breasts = Strong Female Characters? Over at The Alchemy of Writing,  what it means to be (or write) a strong female character. “The heroic male is still a high convention across many forms of literature, but I think there are a lot of writers seeking female heroes as well, and in so doing they’re trying to craft strong female characters.”

Hiromi Goto discusses The Appropriation of Voice “I can think of few topics on writing that can elicit a heated, volatile and divisive dicussion/argument as can the issue of appropriation of voice.”

A.J. Hartley: The Writer as multi-tasker? “The short version, is that decent productivity and multitasking don’t go together.”

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  1. ~ap~ says:

    Definitely going to check out some of these… thanks!

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