Blog Birthday Giveaway winners!

Thanks to everyone who commented on the blog birthday post! Winners, I’ll be contacting you today. If you haven’t heard from me by this time next week, poke me with a sharp stick or something. 😉

I put everoone’s name in a bowl and drew randomly, first for Twilight Forever Rising, then for Dark and Stormy Knights, then for the $20 spending at Book Depository. Here be the winners of the drawing:

Twilight Forever Rising: Nana/Reyna

Dark and Stormy Knights: Jill

$20 spending at Book Depository – Jen D.

Congratulations, all!


About Jessica

Dork extraordinaire, that's me! An unhealthy knowledge of Star Trek, a love of books, a fondness for purring cats.
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2 Responses to Blog Birthday Giveaway winners!

  1. ~ap~ says:

    Congrats, winners!!

    And happy bloggiversary again! *smooches*

  2. Jen D. says:

    Thanks again for hosting this giveaway! Wishing you many more blog birthdays!

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