I’ve been wandering the spec fic & geekery blogosphere September 2011, part I

New-to-me blog posts, podcasts, articles, reviews, and related goodies pertaining to writing, reading, watching, or listening to speculative fiction. September 2011 edition–part the first.

Jim C. Hines talks about Jane C. Hines and sexism, and death threats, and... “When I post this, I expect the comments will be generally positive, with some argument and discussion. Jane expects to be told, ‘Shouldn’t this all boil down to quality? Isn’t this really about YOUR books not getting enough attention?’”

N.K. Jemison asks How Much Status Do You Quo? “What are the little voices in your head? What are they stopping you from doing? How much more could you do with your life, if you only believed?”

Dakota Cassidy at the League of Reluctant Adults: Woe is My Word Count. “What in life thwarts your creativity or keeps you from moving forward—like stops you cold and makes you force yourself to find a way around your problem?”

Ask an Editor with Theresa Stevens – Flaws from Virtues. From Romance University. “…we must constantly walk a fine line between creating characters who are heroic and admirable and characters who are too good to be true. Characters who are in conflict but who are not too aggressive, unreasonable, or bad-tempered.”

Dialogue as a Weapon, from James Scott Belll at Writer Unboxed. “…I’ve found it helpful to think about dialogue as a weapon. First, it helps us see dialogue as part of overall conflict. And second, it reminds us that all dialogue should be intentional on the part of the character.”

Kameron Hurley tells us How to Steal a Plot (Not a Novel) over at The Night Bazaar. “I am a worldbuilding type of person, and though there is certainly no rule that says people who love worldbuilding are bad at plot and vice versa, I’d hazard a guess that most folks tend to be better at one over the other, and have to work really hard at the one they aren’t so good at.”

Leigh at A Writer’s Daydreams has been ruined by science fiction. “Think about it. How many science fiction books have you read where money gets in the way? How much would an enterprise like Jurassic Park cost in today’s world? Could we do it? Maybe. But it would probably take the entire GDP of a midsize country to get it done.”

Chuck Wendig: 25 Things You Should Know About Queries, Synopses, Treatments. “1. Everyone Hates It (And Nobody’s Great At It)”

Patrick Stewart was on The Nerdist podcast! (Not gonna lie: I squealed when I saw this show up in my feed reader.) “Sir Patrick Stewart and his son Daniel join Chris to talk about being serious on the set of ST:TNG, almost passing up Xmen, Ricky Gervais, and meeting the queen of England. Deep down Chris really wanted to pitch a Star Trek-theme knitting studio called “Make It Sew”, but thankfully kept that to himself.”

Is it just me, or does this seem like great fodder for world-building? How Stuff Works’ podcast Stuff to Blow Your Mind fields the topic: What if Earth Was a Cube? “Imagine life on a cubed Earth. How would this alter our experience of gravity? How would it affect global climate? In this episode, Robert and Julie step foot on the impossibly square planet to better understand our world’s shape and properties.”


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