On a Pale Star reviews adult and YA speculative fiction (which is a nice umbrella category covering fantasy, urban fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, and horror). In my personal view, magical realism falls into this category, so if there’s a novel that’s widely considered literary fiction, but I feel it’s speculative, it may well find its way here.

Generally speaking, they will be new(ish) releases, but if I find a book that’s been hiding on my bookshelf or find an intriguing novel at the book store and it is new to me, I’m likely to review it here, even if it was published years ago.

My early musings on Kant and the Platypus aside, I won’t review non-fiction here. I didn’t have strict parameters when I began the blog, but four months later, I’ve come to the conclusion that this will be a place for me to review works of speculative fiction, great and small.

Short fiction, anthologies, novellettes, novellas, novels…it’s all good. If you’d like me to review something, contact me through the contact form. I make no guarantees of a positive review. Nothing I’m sent will be sold. APRIL 25, 2012: For the time being I’m not accepting any more review requests because I’m far behind where I should be with reading right now. Thanks for your understanding!

For authors and publishers: If the story you’d like me to review isn’t in one of the above listed genres, I reserve the right to politely say “no thank you.”

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